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Case Studies


Peter Siedlaczek

Peter Siedlaczek has set new standards in classical and orchestral sampling, achieving worldwide recognition for his sound libraries that include Advanced Orchestra, Classical Choir, Total Piano, Smart Violins and Orchestral Colours.

Siedlaczek graduated with honors as a Tonmeister from the Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw, where he then stayed on to teach studio technology, taking part in numerous research projects in acoustics and psycho-acoustics.

Following his move to Germany, he has contributed to many German chart hits as a well-respected sound engineer. As a producer he reached the top ten in the American Billboard club play charts. His classical background, combined with his broad musical and technical experience, has gained him an undisputed reputation as an internationally recognised and honoured expert in complex orchestral productions.

Peter Siedlaczek:

"Used with any Notebook/Powerbook, the Fireface 800 shows its undisputed strengths: excellent audio quality, advanced digital technology with support for all current formats, and an ergonomically designed user interface. During the final stage of sample recording for my latest library – the virtual instrument "String Essentials" – I was convinced about the merits of this "portable studio". I used its 4 microphone inputs for two stereo signals ("ambient" and "normal"), while the remaining line inputs took care of the stereo sum from the spot mics and a pair of boundary mics. All 8 tracks ended up in an audio application on my Powerbook. It couldn’t be more economical! My conclusion: it's an ideal tool, not just for purists, but for anyone wanting a reliable, compact interface at an extremely good price, without any compromise on quality. No, I’m definitely not parting with my Fireface!"

Peter Siedlaczek introduces his new comprehensive, well-planned and ergonomic virtual string orchestra. String Essentials for Windows XP or Mac OSX: "It will enable you to focus on the most essential part of your activity - your music - creatively and easily. Just load and play it!"

Peter Siedlaczek