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Case Studies


Husky Höskulds

Husky Höskulds is emerging as one of today’s top recording and mix engineers based in Los Angeles. His career began working as staff engineer at Hollywood's legendary Sound Factory studios. In 2003 Husky received two Grammys for his work on the Solomon Burke record "Don’t Give Up On Me" and Norah Jones’ "Come Away With Me".

Husky has a true gift at capturing space, creating textures and creating a vibe, by blending today’s modern techniques with yesterdays sounds. Amongst others he has also worked with The Wallflowers, Tom Waits, Joe Henry Turin Breaks, Sheryl Crow.


"Whatever the application is, RME makes a soundcard or audio interface for it. I've got HDSP 9632 PCI cards on all my machines, for mixing, mastering and sound design, as well as a rack with three Fireface 800's for multitrack work. The superb sound of these pieces and the most comprehensive feature set out there, combined with unparalleled support, makes them the only choice for anyone serious about their work."

Husky at work