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Allen Morgan

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Allen Morgan

Photography: Rob Shanahan
Photo courtesy of Yamaha

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Allen Morgan’s musical experience is as far reaching as the places he has called home. Born in Heidelberg, Germany, Morgan moved to the US with his family at a young age, growing up and attending college in the Washington DC area. While working on his BA in Psychology at George Mason University, Morgan developed his talent and passion for music as a drummer in various rock bands playing venues throughout the US.

After graduation, Morgan moved to Orlando, Florida where he earned a degree in audio engineering. Now equipped with his second degree, Morgan worked at Transcontinental Studios on several of Lou Pearlman’s projects including OTown and NSYNC. Morgan also worked on sessions for Art Garfunkel, Limp Bizkit, R. Kelly, Creed, Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones and producer Dallas Austin.

Morgan then entered the music scene in Los Angeles, landing jobs at The Mastering Lab with Grammy award winning engineers Doug Sax, Schnee Studios with Bill Schnee, and Unit Eye with Bruce Botnick.

For the past several years Morgan has lived and worked in both Nashville and Los Angeles where he currently resides. After working at Emerald Entertainment’s Masterfonics, Morgan opened his production company "allenmorganaudio". He mixes and produces for clients in multiple musical genres: country, christian, rap, pop and rock. Morgan’s clients include artists on Curb Records, RCA Records, Universal Music Group, Broken Bow Records, Sony Records, Capitol Records, and Interscope Records.

Aside from traditional engineering, Morgan has several years experience programming tracks for the dance, R&B, and rap markets. He is quickly becoming one of the most sought after programmers/re-mixers in Nashville and Los Angeles, earning considerable attention from major labels such as BMG Europe, Universal Europe, Jive Records, Univision Music, and Interscope Records.

RME Equipment Used:

  • Digiface
  • HDSPe PCI ExpressCard
  • HDSPe PCI Card
  • HDSP Cardbus Card (PCMCIA)
  • HDSP 9652 with additional 4 analog outputs expansion

More information: www.allenmorganaudio.com

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Visit also the "Breathless" video with music produced by Allen.

Allen Morgan

Allen Morgan on Stage (center stage DJ'ing)