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audite Recording Session Berlin.


audite Studio in Detmold.

The label audite was founded in Stuttgart in Southern Germany in the late 1970s. Based in Detmold, with rootes in the bavarian broadcast station, audite operates with a team of committed and highly qualified, permanent staff. From the outset, the policy of making available to a broad public outstanding interpretations of noteworthy repertoire at the highest possible quality has been central to the work and public perception. Initially, audite predominantly issued live recordings of the Symphonies by Gustav Mahler with Rafael Kubelik and the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra: even today these recordings rate amongst the most exceptional interpretations of these works.

audite is, in every aspect, oriented towards high quality. Repertoire, interpretation, choice of venue, sound design, superior packaging and booklet note – the successful synthesis of all these factors results in the individual, extraordinary recordings which are so characteristic of audite. This success is reflected, not least of all, in the positive echo of international reviews, numerous recording prizes as well as the interest of the musical public. All aspirations towards quality always have one aim: to create the basis for a musical and emotional experience in its best possible form, to make music of the highest quality available as a personal, creative listening experience.

The label’s active catalogue comprises around 300 titles: each month, audite present one to two new releases. audite issues product in SACD (5.1.surround), CD and LP formats; downloads and video trailers are also integral components of the releases. This diversity of formats is typical of the label, as is the focus on two principal areas of activity: historic archive productions and new releases, the latter normally on SACD format. These two strands cross-fertilise each other, for interpretations become perceptible in the context of their development. Many years of experience and the sheer number, as well as the quality, of our releases in both areas make this combination unique, not only within Germany but also internationally.

Core of every music label are the artists. Audite works closely together with a growing group of outstanding musicians, guaranteeing a clear line of continualness, a constant high quality and elobarated productions in every detail. Awards and excellent press reviews are proof of the success of this concept.

audite sees itself as an audiophile label. Recording equipment is not only on the edge of time, but usually a little bit ahead of her. Thus, for example, the recordings were done since years with multi-tracks and with a high resolution of 96 kHz/32 Bit. But technology is only the foundation for the most important thing: the creative collaboration with the musicians.

audite looks out for for the most appropriate acoustic space for every specific production. Musicians and sound engineers are working intensively on all the details of a recording. Since it is only natural that only the finest technology is used. RME products must not be missing here and are used in recording, editing and mixing with RME periphery. In this, the sound quality of "Micstasy" pre-amplifiers and converters are particularly convincing, optico-digitally connected via MADI and thus unsusceptible to signal disruptions such as interference or high frequency loss. At audite, recording technology is no raison d'être – it provides the basis for the actual musical work, ensuring that production is an uninterrupted process..

Official website: www.audite.de/en/