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Case Studies



The pioneer spirit of this trio from Lower Saxony, Germany has been the driving factor behind their musical creativeness for the past 16 years and has united critics, fans and fellow musicians in the conviction that they are „three of the most revolutionary individuals in the german music scene". Their latest CD is "Delikatessen". Their latest hit-single is "Träumst Du?"

In february 2007 Oomph! wons the BuViSoCo (Bundes Vision Song Contest) with "Träumst Du?" - one of the most wanted contests in germany.

For sure – music not for everybody – but an important contribution to the individual diversity of some boring mainstream music trends!

Crap (Keyboards and Guitar / Oomph!): "We've been working with RME audio hardware exclusively for several years. Besides the brilliant sonic quality, the high quality of the hardware and the professional support are convincing. RME delivers "plug and play" the way it should be. Connect the hardware, install the drivers and "play up". Thanks to RME we've never had any hardware problems at all."