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Case Studies


Alfred Wegener Institute

RME´s high-end audio devices are not only belong to the leading devices in studios all around the world, but they also show and prove their reliability even under extreme conditions like this report shows; which has been sent to us from one of the worldwide leading polar research institutes, the AWI (Alfred-Wegener-Institute).

They are using various Fireface 800 to record whale-noise and "singing" which often is within the sonic range of 70 kHz and even above.

Lars Kindermann from AWI:

"We are using 2 Firefaces 800 on the "Polarstern" when we slip a array of 16 Hydrophones to detect and record whales. A program developed by the University of Kaiserslautern enables us to record 16 audio channels via ASIO in super Hi-res audio – a deeper impression of our work will give you my board-diary on www.deepsea-research.org

Alfred Wegner Institut