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Case Studies


Georg Kochbeck

"Hotel Nineteen". After more than 10 years, George Kochbek once again has a new studio album.

Voted Germany’s most popular keyboardist at the start of the 90s, George has concentrated in more recent years on composing TV and film music, following success with his previous band "Georgie Red", and a string of tours and productions with a whole series of well-known German artists.

Now he has a new band "Hotel Nineteen" and a new CD: SEVEN LAYERS OF DUST. What’s notable about this latest production is that, firstly, it's a father/son collaboration. George’s 22-year old son Lucas plays drums and has also co-produced the recording. Secondly, the album is to be released as a special double CD (DVD in DTS 4.0 Surround format as well as a stereo CD).

"In my TV productions I’m often working under great time constraints, so I can’t afford to have hardware problems. The RME audio interfaces in our various studios are particularly important as they provide the most reliable and best-sounding foundation for our productions, whether on Mac, PC or Powerbook. I think it’s great that RME’s products and their driver software remain current for such long periods of time, and that the software can always be updated, regardless of which computer or operating system you're working on. As a user, that gives you a good feeling."



Georg Kochbeck