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Case Studies


Paul Mirkovich

Over a decade of touring has established Paul Mirkovich as one of the most respected and hard working Musical Directors in the industry. Paul Mirkovich have the luxury of working and touring as a MD with artists such as Cher and Janet Jackson or scoring music for a variety of TV shows and films. He was also seen on the new CBS show "Rock Star-INXS" as the MD, which showed Monday nights on prime time CBS. The show featured a worldwide search to find a new lead singer for the legendary Australian rock band INXS. As an experienced keyboarder, Paul is also at the forefront of technological invention using RME products in all of his projects. He sent us a statement about his work with RME products.

Thank you, Paul!

Paul Mirkovich:

"I have been using RME products with all my CPUs together with Cubase and Nuendo for over five years now. The reliability, sound, and ease of use of all RME products is undeniable. Rock solid, great sound, easy to use. I have used Digifaces, Multifaces, HDSPs, and RME MADI interfaces on PCs, Macs, Powerbooks and laptops, you name it, and they have never let me down. On tour both for programming the show and for live playing through a laptop in front of an arena full of people, I have counted on RME. On my latest project - Rockstar: INXS - I use a PC running WinXP, Nuendo and an HDSP 9632 connected optically to a YAMAHA PM1d mixing console to record all of the rehearsals for the show for distribution to all of the shows departments and contestants. It has to be solid and it always is solid. Thanks to RME for allowing me to never have to wonder if my gear is going to work when I need it to."

Paul Mirkovich