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Case Studies


Nena Band

Nena is one of the most successful German-speaking artists to have also achieved international success with her hits. Her musical diversity is by no means limited to the famous "99 Red Balloons", with which she has become associated worldwide. Both her current album "Willst Du mit mir gehen", and singles from the album, have also gone to the top of the charts. As whole generations of fans attend Nena’s concerts, she has come to rely on her live band.

The current line-up is:

Arne Augustin (Keyboards)

Derek von Krogh (Keyboards)

Van Romaine (Drums)

John Andrews (Guitar)

Paul di Leo (Bass/Backings)

Nader Rahy (Vocals/Guitar)


Uwe Fahrenkrogh Petersen (Producer and "guest" live Keyboarder)

The musicians also rely on their RME equipment. It's hard to imagine concerts and sessions without the various Firefaces 800 and Multifaces II that currently ensure hassle-free shows and productions.

Arne Augustin’s live set-up includes an RME Multiface II with CardBus card, (Dell laptop running Steinberg Nuendo and V-Sampler). In addition to playing guitar, "PC" has a laptop, which is not only used for rehearsing and for spontaneous live recordings during rehearsals, but also for live presentations of his own project "Warren’s Suicide", (Dell laptop running Steinberg´s Nuendo). Derek von Krogh’s laptop and keyboard set-up includes a Fireface 800 Drummer Van Romaine plays his drums live with a Powerbook Live (Ableton) and Multiface II.

Arne Augustin:

"Live, we use various Multiface II linked to their respective laptops via CardBus cards, besides two Firefaces 800. We either use Live (Ableton), which offers exceptional flexibility when playing, or Nuendo (Steinberg) in combination with the software sampler V-Sampler (Cakewalk) for more "classic" keyboard/sampler work. The reliability of the RME products is exemplary and the feeling cause of the low latencies is phantastic."

Van Romaine:

"As a drummer, programmer and MD triggering audio has become a very important part of my live and studio setup. After trying almost every interface available I've found the MFII to be the fastest most consistent unit on the market!"

Nena Band