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Cagan Tunali

Cagan Tunali

ÇAGAN TUNALI is the producer and mix engineer of many albums in Turkey, and has been awarded as The Best Sound Engineer by AES Student Union from the scope of Sound Quality Level in 2008 awards of Turkey. Besides recording and producing various artists’ albums he is also working as a FOH Engineer.

“Regarding sound quality, RME produces perfect converters. Thanks to its stability and constantly updated drivers, it has everything a sound engineer might need. With all the recordings, mixings and masterings of 7 Shakespeare Musical, which is my recent work, I have used RME Fireface 800. By linking 2 pieces of RME Fireface 800’s to each other, and using 46 channels, the recordings has been completed successfully. RME Fireface 800 has done a great job there. Also as a F.O.H Engineer, RME is my choice. Especially in combination with live consoles as Avid Venue Profile or Digico SD8 I am using Fireface 800 and Madiface and record those live performances on Protools 9. As I can rely on RME products, and as it gives anything I need, I am going to expand my recording set up with RME Fireface UFX soon.

Website: www.cagantunali.com

Videos: Cagan Tunali on Youtube

Audio: Noiseist Tracks