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8th Day Sound


Mac Pro's with RME MADI cards main and backups plus MADI Bridges on the recent Madonna tour. RME Madi cards were installed in many computers on Madonna and Widespread panic, taking MADI stems from MADI Bridges, from DIGICO products and were used for multi track recording.

n the 80´s, 8th Day Sound was a small but respected sound company out of Cleveland, Ohio. Since then the company has grown into a mega-force of live sound companies servicing some of the top stars in the entertainment field today on a worldwide basis using RME MADI equipment. Artists like Madonna, Eminem, Lil Wayne and many more count on 8th Day Sound to provide the best in live sound reinforcement and multi-track recording equipment.

Jason Kirschnick, Chief Technology Officer for 8th Day Sound:

We use many Madi devices to simplify our signal transport with our systems. With the advent of MADI, which we started using with the deployment of Digico D5 Live Consoles, it has enabled us to do many simple and complicated things with Madi streams. RME products have helped us in many cases to distribute MADI where we need it. We have started using many MADI recording devices, such applications as Nuendo, Cubase, Reaper and Logic just to name a few with PC computers and Mac computers with RME HDSP(e) interfaces in them.

We have done multitrack recording up to 164 channels on large profile accounts recording 3 complete cages of DIGICO input channels. The RME Madi Bridge product was used to distribute all of the madi signals. We also use many of the MADI bridge products to distribute and quickly change madi streams to consoles and record systems during shows.

On Widespread panic we initially used 4 x madi bridges at FOH to distribute MADI signals to both FOH DIGICO engines and 112 channel multi track record systems. We also deployed a MADI ADI-648 device to convert adat signals to madi streams for backup group recordings.

On Madonna’s Stick and Sweet Tour we deployed an army of MADI Bridges for several different reasons. Some were used with Mac Pro’s in monitor world to distribute madi streams to multiple DIGICO D5t consoles, stage cages, and Logic computers for multiple functions.

A small fleet of 6 to 8 MADI Bridges were used at FOH to distribute and switch MADI streams between multiple DIGICO SD7 consoles and 164 track recording equipment.

These were also midi linked for quick control with presets and triggered off of computers for preset changes.

The above are just a few examples of RME products that help us continue to push the envelope of technology. Thanks RME for helping out.

The following photos show some FOH RME equipment for Madonna’s recent tour in Russia and Eastern Europe.

The FOH army of MADI Bridges.


Back of the rack.


The FOH engineers working place.