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Soundscape: audio

Soundscape Audio

Soundscape Audio

I first came across RME products when I sold two Octamic preamps to clients asking for affordable, high quality preamps with analogue and digital outputs as standard. I was so impressed by them, I sold two of my Focusrite Octopres and replaced them with Octamics instead.

At the same time and after many years of using ProTools but never seeming to have the right number of interfaces, I decided to build a versatile, compact system. Targeted at tour-ing artists and engineers as well as the portable systems market for recordings in non stu-dio environments or tv outside broadcasts, it had to be reliable and high quality.

Looking at the interface and converter products in the RME range, it was a no brainer to base my entire system around the flexibility of an RME ADI-6432. With it's MADI and AES in-puts, I immediately had most of the I/O I needed. However, adding an ADI-8 QS into the MADI stream gave me analogue outputs to feed monitors and headphone mixes.

Adding it in was just a matter of inserting it into the MADI stream on a fibre. I also built an optional input rack of 64 channels of Octamic analogue preamps, which means the system can ac-cept input from just about any mixing console or stagebox for up to 128 track recordings on the industry standard ProTools HD format.

The system is fantastic, even if I do say so myself but I couldn’t have made it so small or flexible without RME.

Stuart Gillan

Soundscape: audio