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Joel Singer - Music Mix Mobile

Joel Singer

Joel Singer

Joel Singer is the technical engineer and 3rd mixer at Music Mix Mobile. He is a Grammy Award winning engineer, TEC Award recipient and has been part of multiple Emmy Award winning productions. His career spans over 20 years in the music industry, having worked in both retail and wholesale music businesses, co-owner of MusiCanvas SAG, a specialized rental and sales company.

Career high points have included:
- multiple Grammy Award broadcasts,
- multiple Rock and Roll Hall of Fame broadcasts,
- multiple MTV Video Music Awards,
- Justin Timberlake from Madison Square Garden for HBO,
- Barbra Streisand (Assistent Recording Engineer) for Showtime,
- Shakira (Recording Engineer),
- Poison (Music Producer),
- John Mayer Trio (Assistent Recording Engineer),
- Madonna - I´am going to tell you a secret (Recording Engineer), - Poison Live,
- Linkin Park Live in Texas (Recording Engineer),
- Michael W. Smith (Recording Engineer).

"RME products have proven themselves invaluable to my company. They perform flawlessly and continue to provide proven results time and time again on these major award shows. From the MADIface we use to view input levels of the preamp systems, to the routers that make these streams go everywhere they need, it just works."

Joel Singer, Technical Engineer - Music Mix Mobile