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Marek Pompetzki and his partner Paul NZA are amongst Germany's top producers. They have released several No.1 Albums and received five Gold awards in 2008 alone. Numarek Music was nominated in the category "Best Producers" for the ECHO 2009 Award (German Grammy). Numarek Music produced the Albums by Rapper Sido who was nominated in the category "Best Urban", Sarah Connor (nominated as "Best Female") and Stefanie Heinzmann who won the ECHO 2009 as "Best Female". They've recently completed Cassandra Steen's new Album "Darum Leben Wir" that is just now hitting the charts.

Marek Pompetzki:

We chose RME Products for their reliability, ultimate performance and fantastic support. We have a pretty comprehensive setup including a 64 I/O ProTools Setup with D-Command, a dedicated Logic Mac for Virtual Instruments and hardcore MIDI programming as well as tons of vintage outboard gear. With two RME HDSPe AES cards it's a breeze to transfer 32 channels @ 96KHz simultaneously between ProTools and Logic. The system is synced using MTC over Gigabit Ethernet which is really tight. We couldn't be happier.

Numarek Music's References (excerpt):

Stefanie Heinzmann, Shaggy, Sido, Cassandra Steen, Sarah Connor, Kitty Kat, Rakim, Grandmaster Flash, Kim Sanders, Naughty by Nature, Boney M., Popstars Germany, Pop Idols Germany, Jörn Schlönvoigt, Yvonne Catterfeld, Curse, Fler, B-Tight, Tony D., Grossstadtgefluester, Juanes, Kharma, Jam & Spoon, Hepsi, Crystal Waters, Snaga & Pillath, Mustafa Sandal, Bro'Sis, Nadja Benaissa, 80s Flashback, Orange Blue, Deine Lieblingsrapper, GMZ, Lift, Coca Cola, ProSieben Television, etc...

Webseite: www.numarek.com