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MTV Music Awards

RME powers the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards

XM Production and Effanel Music recently completed the live music mix and recordings for the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards held in Miami, Florida. This included the roll out of the recently updated L7 music truck. RME products have been a huge part of the company's update. Ten ADI-648's and two MADI Bridges help bring all signals to the totally digital audio truck.

Lead Engineer and technical architect of the system, Joel Singer commented:

"The RME products we are using are fantastic. Having the ability to move large amounts of data via MADI is the only way to do a show of this magnitude."

He continues:

"The RME product is ultra reliable and has never let us down. We are starting to use much more RME in every system this company puts out on the road."

Used Equipment:

10x RME ADI-648 MADI to Toslink Converters

3x RME MADI Bridge

2x RME ADI-8DS A to D / D to A Converters


MTV Music Video Awards