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ProComm Voices

7 Studios with 7 x HDSPe AIO

ProComm Voices

ProComm Voices

ProComm Voices is a combination of voice talent agency and full service production studio providing voice overs and audio production for all types of applications. We have seven studios that stay busy recording and producing voice overs for clients around the world. Our credits include ADR work for major motion pictures, national broadcast TV and radio campaigns, and various other voice over projects.

"When it came time to upgrade our systems, we took a look at what was out there and decided that the HDSPe AIO was the best choice for an audio interface. First of all, we've had great success with the 9652 in our old set up, so it was a no-brainer to look to RME when it came time to upgrade. We view RME as the standard in the industry and the HDSPe AIO lives up to their reputation."

"The addition of the Word Clock input allowed us to streamline our systems and eliminate some excess hardware. The AD/DA converters sound great and help us to provide our clients with the best quality audio."

Website: www.procommvoices.com