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Products: MADI&AES/EBU

MADI ist the perfect solution for the transmission of many audio channels. The technical problems of the usual multicore cables are well-known: external diversification, aging, high weight, bad handling etc. On the contrary MADI: A narrow cable transmits up to 64 audio channels. Lossless - up to 2000 m or even more!

MADI - MADE by RME. We have brought the MADI technic to perfection and made it inexpensive. Our product range includes converter for the common digital formats AES/EBU and ADAT to MADI, a MADI Router, a MADI Bridge and PCI (express) solutions for Windows and MAC PCs. The traditional standard was useful enhanced by RME with the included MIDI signal transmission. A special redundance mode (Save Input Mode) guarantees secure transmissions.

PCI/PCIe cards

external interfaces