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Products: Audio Converter

Audio and Format Converters - Made by RME.
That implies innovative leading-edge technology, professional sound, reliability, wide application range and a unique feature set. The product range leaves no room for further wishes and reaches from the two-Channel ADI-2 and multi-Channel High-End converters for highest demands, like Micstasy and ADI-8 QS, to powerful digital format and aamplerate converters on todays market.

Live or studio: RME converters are the perfect complement for all digital systems, especially for Hammerfall and Hammerfall DSP interfaces. Each ADI is especially designed, compromises in features or quality were not made. Technical data are - thanks to a long development and newest, highly integrated ICs - on the top of their class. And as usual with RMEs products the ADI series comes with features you won't find anywhere else.