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Privacy Policy

Anonymized Data

We preserve and respect the private rights of our visitors. By visiting the RME website data will be collected, e. g. date, time and visited pages. These are anonymized, non-personal information and serve statistical purposes only.

No personal data are collected (e. g. name, adress or e-mail adresses). We will not pass any data to other people or organizations. Our employees are strictly bound to secrecy.


The data given during the forum's registration process, both e-mail as well as further voluntary information, will only be used within the forum software. There is no further use of these data, for example for newsletters or similar. These data are not passed on to third parties, neither for commercial use nor for any other non-commercial purpose.

RME reserves the right to use the given e-mail adress in specific cases to contact the user. These include for example requests for details of published issues, getting in touch for direct support, and the moderation of the forum.

Temporary data storage

By visiting the RME website temporary data may be stored on your system, the so called cookies. Cookies are used to save customized settings (font size, header display etc.) until your next visit for an improved user experience.

Cookies can be deactivated within your web browser. Please note that this can cause a limited user experience when visiting our website.

Internet data transfer

Data transfer via internet, e. g. e-mails or world wide web, are insecure by their technical nature. We can't prevent the access of third persons or organizations to these transfers.

No commercial usage of data

The usage of contact data displayed on the RME website and subsites, is not allowed! This interdiction includes especially the use of phone/fax numbers and e-mail adresses for any kind of advertising and commercial purposes. Exceptions are appropiated utilisation for RME related support or information or contract purposes.

The owners and operators of the RME website and subsites reserve any legal action against the violation of these rules, especially the undemanded delivery of advertising information (spam mail).

Place of jurisdiction / Law

Place of jurisdiction are the specified places of the companies of Audio AG and RME. Applicable law are the governing laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.