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MADI Info Center

MADI ist the perfect solution for the transmission of multiple audio channels. The technical problems of the standard multicore cables are well-known: cable loss, stray pick-up, aging, high weight, cumbersome handling etc.

MADI is different: A thin cable transmits up to 64 audio channels, lossless, over a distance of up to 2000 meters!


MADI Setups

There are only few solutions to transmit audio signals over long distance with little effort. Using MADI offers the unique option to transfer up to 64 channels via a single optical cable (alternatively coaxial cable). In addition to audio, MADI also offers MIDI and RS232 transmission. Important connections can be routed in a redundant way. RME MADI and AES/EBU products offer solutions for all possible setups.

Please study the following examples:

MADI Multicore