RME FireWire Audio RME's FireWire audio offers many pro-audio features not available from other manufacturer's units: Complete real-time sample rate lock Complete real-time sample rate control, even during playback/record Complete start/stop control. No changed offset after reboot. Extreme varispeed / external sync support, in all modes (even DS / QS) Despite having a superior sync behavior (see above), the Fireface's SteadyClock provides a heavy jitter suppression even in varipitch applications. Reduced protocol overhead, by not sending CIP (Common Isochronous Packet format) headers (AVC, mLan) Working FireWire 800 solution Working FireWire 800 fix for Windows XP SP2 Latency change on the fly, while ASIO is running Latency change on the fly, while GSIF is running Hardware-based data packet check and drop out correction Complete real-time monitoring solution, covering all inputs and all playback channels, equaling an 28+28 channels inline console having 28 Aux sends per channel. Lots of advanced and unique features. Plus hardware based Peak/RMS metering. Windows and Mac OS X drivers are completely identical in terms of features and functionality Super low jitter MIDI I/O similar to PCI-based performance (1 ms)